How can you tell whether your Houseplant is healthy or not?

 I am really bad at taking care of plants and keeping them alive! I have even managed to destroy a castus! The most of have kept a plant alive is one whole year. But in the end that one also did not make it surviving more in my hands! Here are some useful advices for having healthy plants!

Do You Ever Feel Like A Failure ?

 I do! Almost everyday! Not all day though! Every single day something will come up and i will get that feeling again. That i am doing everything wrong! That i am not good enough for raising a child. I am sure that if i was going to work and he was growing up with his dad it would have been much better for the little man. The only thing i am good at is breastfeeding , i think!

DIY Door Sign

 A few months ago we baptized our little guy. His name is Apostolos, after his grandfather. The candle his godmother got for his christening was wrapped with light and dark blue cords and had a small wooden car, with his name on, glued on it. I used them for making a door sign for his bedroom.

diy bedroom door name sign

The Pin Junkie 2 Year Blogiversary Link Party

 Hello!! I am excited today! The Pin Jinkie is celebrating the 2 year blogiversary with a huge link party! I am guest-hosting this great party with 40 more awesome blogs! Everything you share will be seen on all these blogs! Isn't this great? Go ahead, share your great ideas!

Bisozozo : The Story of a Name

 Some of you have been asking me if Bisozozo means something and how i came up with it. Well, to be honest someone else made it up! Here's the story...

how to name my blog

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