13 1/2 Months of Motherhood

16 December 2014

 This has always been a joke! A real joke. Me having kids! Noone believed this could actually happen! Not me, my friends or my family! I am not known for my "she's going to be a great mommy" character! I have no patience and i have never gotten along with children. A friendly couple's 5 year old daughter calls my love and me as "Panos and her"!

IKEA Laiva Bookcase Hack

10 December 2014

 Here's the story. It all started because of our small rental kitchen. Although, it might look tiny to some of you! Moving on...since we live in a rental we cannot make any big changes at the home. So, IKEA comes to the rescue! 

IKEA Laiva Bookcase Hack

A Cereal Box and Cotton Snowman

04 December 2014

 You already know it. I am not a fan of Christmas. A few days ago i realized that i did not even know where my mom kept all the Christmas decorations!!! I never participated in decorating our home! My brother and mother did all the work! But, i knew it. Someday i would have my own kids and then i will have to decorate with snowmen and Christmas trees and many more. And the day is here! We have decorated our tree and yesterday i made something for our door!

Decorating With Paper Plates

26 November 2014

 What do you do with a couple of leftover paper plates? Create something, right? That's what i did! We had the baby's first birthday party a few days ago and we did not use some plastic forks and paper glasses and plates. And since our mantel needed an update i decided to use the plates there.

diy mantel decor

How can you tell whether your Houseplant is healthy or not?

20 November 2014

 I am really bad at taking care of plants and keeping them alive! I have even managed to destroy a castus! The most of have kept a plant alive is one whole year. But in the end that one also did not make it surviving more in my hands! Here are some useful advices for having healthy plants!

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