The Pin Junkie 2 Year Blogiversary Link Party

 Hello!! I am excited today! The Pin Jinkie is celebrating the 2 year blogiversary with a huge link party! I am guest-hosting this great party with 40 more awesome blogs! Everything you share will be seen on all these blogs! Isn't this great? Go ahead, share your great ideas!

Bisozozo : The Story of a Name

 Some of you have been asking me if Bisozozo means something and how i came up with it. Well, to be honest someone else made it up! Here's the story...

Multi Strand Necklace

 I found these great black and silver beads a little while ago at Paco Art Center and finally today i made  a multi strand necklace with them! I had round and square beads and used all of them.

Our Fall Decor

 Fall is here! Finally! We are getting ready for winter! Most of the bloggers i follow have started decorating their homes for a cosy season. I am seeing so many great ideas. My favorite winter scene is the black,white and gold that Christina is setting up at her home.  
 I thought i should share with you our fall decor! I am sure this will be our whole 2015 decor! Prepare to be amazed! 

All the shelves and tables that the baby can reach are, of course, empty! 
The couch throw is never there, the back cushions are also never there...

When Nothing Turns Out Good !

 Has it ever happened to you? Having finished something but it turned out nothing as you hoped for? I have made a couple of projects and although i thought they where great... when i looked at my photos i realized they where nothing but bad. Not just mediocre, but bad. What a disappointment that was!
 Maybe everything i make looks bad and ugly because i am so tired.I just keep letting myself down lately. I do not seem to get anything right. Bad mood leads to one bad thing. And that leads to more bad mood! And it does not end! 
 Do you have a secret for getting by days like these? What do you do when things don't seem to work? I'll just go get some chocolate for now! We are out of ice cream and pastry triangles!

Take care,